*1974, lives and works in Vancouver, Canada

1995–97,99:  Visual Arts Diploma Program, Toronto School of Art, Canada
1993–95:  Interdisciplinary Program, Ontario College of Art, Canada
2010:  Wallspace Gallery, New York, USA, (forthcoming)
CSA Space, Vancouver, Canada (forthcoming)
2009:  LaMontagne Gallery, Journey into Whatever, Boston, USA
2008:  Groeflin Maag Galerie, "Sentimental Breakdown", Zurich, Switzerland
Monte Clark Gallery, "No P. S.", Toronto, Canada
Monte Clark Gallery, "No Comebacks", Vancouver, Canada
2007:  Wallspace Gallery, "Day By Day", New York, USA
Liste 07 - The Young Art Fair (booth of Groeflin Maag Galerie), Basel, Switzerland
Groeflin Maag Galerie, "Young Marriage, Old Problems, Vancouver Mushrooms", Basel, Switzerland
2006: CSA Space, "Personal Work", Vancouver, Canada
2005: Groeflin Maag Galerie, "1996", Basel, Switzerland
  Wallspace Gallery, "Dear Fairfield", New York, USA
2004: Greener Pastures Contemporary Art, "Silver Springs", Toronto, Canada
  Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2002: Bailey Fine Arts, Toronto Canada
2010:  Contemporary Art Gallery, "Triumphant Carrot: The Persistence of Still Life", Vancouver, Canada
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, "NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition" (curated by Keith Myerson), New York, NY, USA
Clark & Faria, Restricted, Toronto, Canada
2009:  Hunter & Cook, "Full Service", Toronto, Canada
Monte Clark Gallery, "Winter Salon", Vancouver, Canada
106 Green Street, "What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid" (curated by Ryan Steadman), New York, USA
The Other Gallery for Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche, "Art moves", Toronto, Canada
Monte Clark Gallery, "Assambly of Drawings", Vancouver, Canada
Clark + Faria Gallery, Clark + Faria Presents, Toronto, Canada
Guy Maddin’s Keyhole Project, "The Beursschouwburg", Brussels, Belgium
  Monte Clark Gallery, "Staff Picks", Vancouver, Canada
  TV Books – Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles, USA
2008:  The Apartment at Filip Office (curated by Lee Plested), Vancouver, Canada
  O.H.W.O.W. Gallery, "It Ain’t Fair" (curated by Tim Barber), Miami, USA
  Paul Petro Project Space, "Amber One Foot Below" (curated by Jay Isaac), Toronto, Canada
  Weatherspoon Art Museum, Art on Paper 2008: 40th Anniversary Biennial Exhibition, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
  Paul Petro Project Space, "The Hungry Ghost" (curated by Jay Isaac & Tony Romano), Toronto, Canada
  TIAF, "News at 5ive" (curated by Rick Rhodes), Toronto, Canada
  NY Photo Festival, "Various Photographs" (curated by Tim Barber), New York, USA
  The Other Gallery presents Guy Maddin's Keyhole Project, University of Manitoba's ARCH 2 Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada
  Stolenspace Gallery, "DRAW", London, UK
  Monte Clark Gallery, "Portraits", Toronto, Canada
  Paul Butler's Collage Party/The Keyhole Experiment, (under the auspices of Guy Maddin), 44 Princess, Winnipeg, Canada
  Illingworth Kerr Gallery, "The Big Gift: Recent Acquisitions from the Glenbow Museum", Calgary, Canada
  Dazibao, "Collage Crimes: Carte Grise a Guy Maddin", Montreal, Canada
2007:  Allston Skirt Gallery, "The Great Depression, Brad Phillips and Rasool Sarangi",
(curated by Christine Vassallo), Boston, USA
  Raise High the Roofbeam, Rainbo Club (curated by Melanie Schiff and Kristen VanDeventer), Chicago, USA
2006:  Sixtyseven Gallery, "Hello Sunday" (curated by Holly Coulis), New York, USA
  Blum and Poe, The Monty Hall Problem, (curated by Slater Bradley), Los Angeles, CA, USA
  Morgan Lehmann Gallery, "Art Vs. Real Life", New York, NY, USA
  Spencer Brownstone Gallery, "Tiny Vices" (curated by Tim Barber), New York, NY, USA
  Cooper Gallery, University of Dundee Exhibition Department Jordostone College of Art and Design,
Another Other, Dundee, Scotland
  Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Darkness Ascends, Toronto, Canada
2005:  Sixtyseven Gallery, "Hello Sunday" (curated by Holly Coulis), New York, USA
  Antisocial, "Paul Butler's Collage Party", Vancouver, Canada
  Galerie Jette Rudolph, Toronto/Berlin Exchange, Berlin, Germany
  Wallspace Gallery , "Bucolica", New York, USA
  The Drake Hotel, "The Terminal Show" (organized by the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art), Toronto, Canada
  Bergdorf Goodman, "Exploding Plastic Inevitable", New York, USA
2004:  Stalke Gallery, "Kids of the Black Hole", Copenhagen, Denmark
  Greener Pastures Contemporary Art, "Under the Sun", Toronto, Canada
  Wallspace Gallery, "Assassin" (curated by Slater Bradley), New York, NY
2003:  Andrew Kreps Gallery , New York, USA
  Zsa Zsa Gallery, "Hooters", Toronto, Canada
  Gallery Neubacher, "In my Solitude" (curated by Wayne Baerwaldt), Toronto, Canada
  Greener Pastures Contemporary Art, "Two Weeks in Autumn", Toronto, Canada
  TIAF, "Fountain of Youth", Toronto, Canada
  Gallery 400, "University of Illinois at Chicago and Midway Contemporary Art",
When Darkness Falls, Chicago and St. Paul, Minnesota
  Peres Projects, "Summer Jam", Los Angeles, CA, USA
  d.u.m.b.o. Arts Center, Future Species, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2002:  Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, "Synthetic Psychosis", Toronto, Canada
  Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, Steve Canaday, Brad Phillips, Luigino Valentin, New York, NY, USA
  Art System, The Catholic Show, Toronto, Canada
  Gallery 1313, "Don't fear the Reaper", Toronto, Canada
  Mercer Union, Mercer Living, Toronto, Canada
  Helen Pitt Gallery, "Art System", Wreck Room, Toronto, Vamcouver, Canada
2001:  Art System, "Dark Movement", Toronto, Canada
  Archive Gallery, "Glo", Toronto, Canada
  West Wing Art Space, "Grand Expectorant", Toronto, Canada
  Art System," Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful", Toronto Canada
  Gallery 1313," More than a Feeling", Toronto, Canada
  Mercer Union, "Mercer Union: A Love Story", Toronto, Canada
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2010: BC Arts Council Grant
2008: Canada Council for the Arts – Project Grant
2003: Western Canada Short List- RBC New Canadian Painting Comprtition
2002: Ontario Arts Council Project Grant
2001: Toronto Arts Council Grant