The Groeflin Maag Galerie is pleased to present its first curated exhibition
“Like Watching a Train Wreck”

The English Proverb used as the title of the exhibition describes the
phenomena of human curiosity that causes us to look at atrocious and
appalling occurrences over and over again despite feeling disgusted and

Louise Bourgeois, Olaf Breuning, Bruce LaBruce, Robert Gober, Daniel
Gordon,LA Raeven, Paul McCarthy, Bruce Nauman and Brad Phillips deal
with the dark sides and repressed anxieties of our human experience.
Alongside inharmonious feelings of revulsion, disgust and horror their works
simultaneously evoke feelings of curiosity and attraction. The allure to
explore the displeasing content of the eclectic works included in the show
provokes the viewer to look more closely one more time.

“Like Watching a Train Wreck” broaches the issue of our need of sensation
and raises the question why repugnant events hold such a strong attraction.